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Hi there, and welcome to the Lizard's Lounge, home (page) of Marc Schrier.

I'm now providing contract research and consulting services at Calchemist in South San Francisco, CA.

My research in solid state materials chemistry is spread out over a few projects. For four years I worked at Quantum Dot Corporation leading the New Materials research effort. In graduate school I explored the reduction of copper oxides in molten hydroxide fluxes whereby I was able to access Cu(0), Cu(I), Cu(II), and Cu(III) materials, all from molten hydroxides, by simply varying reaction conditions. I also worked on the synthesis of a variety of bismuth and copper oxide superconductor materials from molten hydroxide and nitrate fluxes. While there, I also working on the synthesis and characterization of a new Chilean K/Mn/Cu/Co/O ore. In the past I have worked with magnetic, optical, and catalytic solid state materials.

When I'm not in the lab you might find me off doing one of the following:

I'm always looking for consulting gigs, so if you are looking for an inorganic solid state chemist, feel free to check out my resume. If you prefer a pdf file and have a copy of Adobe Acrobat take a look at the pdf version of my resume.

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