Reptile Pets

Present Pets

Fred & Wilma, my Horned Lizards

I'll put up some pictures soon.

Previous Pets

Dino, my Horned Lizard

Here are some shots of Dino in the Lizard's Lounge.

And hanging out on an abalone shell.

Then back on his hotrock.

Enjoying a meal worm.

Strutting his stuff after the kill.

Submerging into the sand to sleep.

Getting a drink of water.

Nibbler, my Collared Lizard

Here's an old shot of the Lizard's Lounge.

And Nibbler hanging out under one of the hotrocks.

And a few more shots of Nibbler.

Itchy and Scratchy, my California Coastal Horned Lizards, Phrynosoma coronatum frontale

Some lousy MPEG's

Blackeye, my Boa Constrictor (I've gotta find some old photo's to scan in)