Clock Chipping Y2K News Flash

If you get to this site it must still be pre-Y2K, as this machine is sure to explode along with the collapse of the internet, so you too still have time to save your Mac. Sure, they say Macs are and have been Y2K compliant, but those of us who have emptied the shelves at our local supermarkets to stock our cabinets with food, water, and candles (and a camping stove with enough fuel to keep us from starvation) know better... We're not going to be fooled!
Let me say that again; We're not going to be fooled!, especially by those who wrote about the Mac Plus 1GHz Speedup last April Fools!

Well Mac enthusiasts, set aside your fears and grab your soldering iron while there is still time. First of all, if you previously clock chipped your machine, it is probably too late as your Mac arrived at Y2K up to 40% faster than the rest of the population. If you had not clock chipped your machine you still have time to initiate this preemptive Y2K delay strike.

You can delay the Y2K arrival by clock chipping your machine to slow it down. I for instance have successfully dropped my G3/233 (normally accelerated to 300MHz) to 1MHz (and boosted the backside cache to 1MHz with software from the resulting 0.5MHz default). Not only do I feel much safer knowing that I've got a lot of extra time (more than the fuel I have in my bunker to power the generator for my Mac) before Y2K strikes my Mac, but since things are running slower, the roughly once-a-week crashes have slowed to a trickle. Our calculations show that the next crash will be in approximately 300 weeks (1week/crash*300MHz/1MHz), i.e. Y2.004K.

So proceed to the rest of the site and work quickly before your Mac's time is up!

Take me to the site so I can slow down my Mac to save it from Y2K!