Power Center 132 Info

Here's what I have on the Power Center 132's. They have a 44MHz oscillator that gives a 132MHz machine through a 3x multiplier, so the bus is running at 44MHz, and that leaves a fairly large area to work with since bus maxes are around 60MHz these days. If you replace the 44MHz oscillator with a 51.5MHz oscillator you get a 154.5MHz machine, or a 52.8MHz oscillator gives you a 158.4MHz machine. I have one report of a stable machine with the 51.5MHz oscillator with the stock 512k cache card. With the 52.8MHz oscillator he had a small video glitch when an extra 16 meg DIMM was installed. When he tried a 54.18885 or 55MHz oscillator to give a 162.56655 and 165MHz machine respectively it had some video redraw problems.

Macbench 4 Benchmarks: