PowerBook G3 Speedup

Based on the PowerBook G3 Modification info on Takashi Imai's site, I have some info from Frederick Prigge (prif01@gel.usherb.ca).

Here are his results of overclocking two different PowerBook G3's (233MHz, no cache,12.1" dualscan):

Bus at 83MHz (292MHz): Ran fine but had problems booting and waking up from sleep.

Bus at 66MHz X 4.5 (297MHz): Everything was fine, did not overheat, ran for 29 hours staight. Video results in Norton SystemInfo were way up.

Bus at 66MHz X 5 (330MHz): crashed after 20 seconds during boot.

The two machines gave the exact same results. Under OS 8.6, the system profiler reported the correct speed but under OS 9, it gave 450MHz instead of 300...

Marc Schrier