PowerBook 3400/200 Speedup

This modification by Joe Vantaggi (joevan@en.com) is based on the work by Robert Marshall (rlmarshall@topher.net). Take a look at PowerBook 3400/180 Speedup. The PB3400c/200 has a 40MHz bus and a 5x multiplier to give the 200MHz machine. The 40MHz bus comes from a silver 40MHz crystal (two pins) located at Y1 on the top of the motherboard, with 40.00T5J on it. It is about 2 inches from the front and about an inch left of the battery bay. It is under the battery charging card; you pull the card and it is located about a half inch forwards from the connector. If you replace this crystal with a faster one, the bus, and thus the processor, speeds up. Here is what we have so far:

Crystal (MHz) Processor (MHz) Notes
44.736 223.68 Everything works
45 225 Everything works
45.75 228.75 Everything works
48 240 Too Fast
49.375 246.875 Too Fast
49.89 249.45 Too Fast