MP 200MHz 604e Card Info

The stock card has a 40MHz oscillator in a socket on the board. With the default 5x multiplier, this oscillator runs the processor at 200MHz and a 40MHz bus. I have one report of clock chipping this card. The oscillator appears to have been lightly glued into place, so pop it out with a scredriver, and put in the new oscillators. These are the standard full size metal can type oscillators with four pins in positions 1,7,8, and 14. The oscillators tested were 42, 44, 44.3, 44.45, 44.9, 45, 46.2, 47.0588, and 48MHz. The 42, 44, 44.3 and 44.45MHz oscillators worked nicely and were stable. The 44.9, 45, and 46.2MHz oscillator was unstable, and the 47.0588 and 48MHz oscillators were too fast. So with the 44.45MHz oscillator, that's a 44.45MHz bus, 222.25MHz machine, for a 11% speedup.

Marc Schrier