Dinkey Creek October 2001

Hi fellow prospectors, great trip!
Here are some images (with UTM GPS coordinates) from the Dinkey Creek Gem Trip.
I have higher resolution images, so if you would like a higher resolution image of any or all of these, drop me a line at schrier@mac.com.

Mark, Chris, Dan, Ellie, Larry, and Leena at the pond attached to First Dinkey Lake.

Mark, Dan, Ellie, Chris, and Marc at the pond attached to First Dinkey Lake.

View of the Smokey Quartz site.

Hiking across the plateau to the site.

View of the First Dinkey Lake from the top of the mountain (11 S 0317658 / UTM 4115384).

View of another unnamed peak from the top of the mountain.

Mark poking around near the site.

Ground cover changing color along the trail on the way back to the parking area.

Funky lava flow outcropping below the parking area (11 S 0313128 / UTM 4113756).

Mark assembling his awsome Fish Tacos at the feast after the hike.

Veiw along the dirt road to Swamp Lake.

Waterfall along McKinley Grove Road.