Clear Creek June 2001

Hi fellow prospectors, great trip!
Here are some images (with UTM GPS coordinates) from the Clear Creek Gem Trip.
I have higher resolution images, so if you would like a higher resolution image of any or all of these, or if you have more images you want me to add, drop me a line at

Mark M. at the green and yellow Garnet site (10 S 0710874 / UTM 4025836)

Top of Garnet site in foreground (left), and other Garnet site in the background (center) (10 S 0710957 / UTM 4025819)

Lizard hanging out by the Benitoite Gem Mine and Perovskite site.

Benitoite Gem Mine being worked.

Asbestos Mine.

Perovskite site near the Benitoite Gem Mine (10 S 0714737 / UTM 4023402)

Images of the 30lb Thermite Reaction (Fe2O3 + 2Al --> 2Fe + Al2O3) on salt at the base camp (10 S 0705479 / UTM 4028406)

Glowing red molten iron seeping from the reaction.

Mark P. with the final product.

Marc S. with the final product.

Mihai B. with the final product.