610 Tidbits

I occasionally get e-mail asking about modifications for the C610 and Q610 like the one by Marlin Prowell for the C650 to get around the serial port problem above 29MHz. Well, I got my hands on a 610 board with some unrelated problems, and did a little poking around. It's pretty easy to convert the C610 to a Q610 and back, but there is really no benefit. The two still max out at about 29MHz. I did not find anything else of interest. There are of course other differences between the two boards, but this seems to be the only one the alters the mach gestalt.
If anyone knows anything more, feel free to pass it on... anonymous contributions are always welcome.

610 mach Gestalts R137
52 (C610) 300 Ohms (301)
53 (Q610) empty