150MHz 604e Card Info

These cards have a 50MHz oscillator that gives a 150MHz machine through a 3x multiplier, so the bus is running at 50MHz, and that leaves a small area to work with since bus maxes are around 55-60MHz these days. I have not yet clock chipped a 150MHz card, but I would expect them to be just like the 120 and 132MHz cards, and max out around 165MHz. Here too, the L2 cache may be an important factor to keep in mind as some of the slower cache cards cannot be accelerated very far. So replacing the 50MHz oscillator with a 55MHz oscillator gives you a 165MHz card. Mod 1 and Mod 2 are the best ways to clock chip these machines since the initial oscillators are the metal can type. If anyone has clock chipped one of these cards, please let me know how it went and I'll update this page.